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2014 VCAL + VCE Achievement Outcomes

For yet another year in a row, Keilor Downs College and its students, finished the previous year on a high note with exceptional VCAL and VCE outcomes.

Many graduating VCAL students secured apprenticeships and TAFE courses and exceptional numbers of our graduating VCE students secured University places.

VCAL Outcomes 2 Year Trend


We were very pleased to see a further increase in our high performing VCE results, with increased numbers of students achieving ATAR study scores over 80 and over 90.

Overall, 27% of VCE students achieved an ATAR over 80 and of those, 11% achieved an ATAR score over 90, representing the highest results in the last 3 years.

In addition, the percentage of students achieving low ATAR scores also decreased, with the percentage of students achieving ATAR’s below 50 recording the lowest figure in the last eight years.  Similarly the percentage of students achieving ATAR scores over 50 reached the highest recorded figure over the same period and now accounts for 70% of VCE students.

Our highest ATAR in 2014 was 99.55 and this was achieved by Rojina Mansour who was awarded ‘Dux of the College’.  Rojina also achieved study scores over 40 in five of her subjects and a 39 in her sixth subject.  Rojina exemplifies the dedication, persistence and hard work required to achieve such an outstanding result.  Congratulations and well done to Rojina.

Overall, 98% of students successfully completed VCE and 82% completed VCAL.  Over 95% of VCAL and VCE students applied to University and TAFE, with 98% gaining an offer.

2014 VCAL + VCE (combined) Destinations


The college VCE mean ‘all study’ score reached 29, for the second year in a row.  The percentage of Study Scores over 40, increased to 6.1% and this is the highest figure recorded for the college since the introduction of the VCE.  This result is only 0.2% behind the Victorian State mean figure for this measure at 6.3% for 2014.

In addition, a Year 11 student who undertook an accelerated Year 12 program achieved a perfect study score of 50 for Maths Methods.  This is an exceptional result and congratulations must go to Nguyen Le for this outstanding achievement.

University Destinations 5 Year Trend


Overall, these results are extremely pleasing and represent a great deal of energy and hard work on behalf of all our graduating VCAL & VCE students, we wish them well in their future endeavours.

Particular thanks must also go to our Year 12 teachers without whose support and guidance such results would not have been possible.

Stuart Andrews
College Principal

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