Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

We have a large number of Year 7 student applications. We encourage prospective parents and students to participate in the Open Day, Open Night, College Tours and/or our transition programs. Students successful in their enrolment application will be notified by mail.

Year 7 Enrolment from Government Primary Schools

If your child currently attends a Government Primary School, the enrolment process is managed by their Primary School during Grade 6. Applicants for Year 7 enrolment must complete a ‘Secondary School Selection’ form which is available from your Primary School. The completed form should be returned to your Primary School for processing.

Year 7 Enrolment Protocols for 2018/19      KDC Catchment Area Map

Year 7 Enrolment from Private or Catholic Primary Schools

If your child currently attends a Private or Catholic Primary School you will need to complete a ‘Keilor Downs College Enrolment Enquiry’ form and return it to Keilor Downs College by early May. For students from non-government schools, a ‘Keilor Downs College Enrolment Enquiry’ form can be obtained from our General Office and should be returned directly to Keilor Downs College. Alternatively the Enrolment Enquiry form can be found here.

Enrolments for other Year Levels

If your child already attends a Secondary School and you wish to change schools, we encourage you to complete our online Enrolment Enquiry form. The online form can be found here, or you can obtain an Enrolment Enquiry form directly from the college General Office.

William Turner scholarships

Applications for the 2018 William Turner scholarships are now open.

These scholarships are available with a confirmed enrolment for Year 7 2018 at Keilor Downs College.

To be considered for the scholarship you will be required to download the application and complete it with the help of your Grade 6 teacher. The application is due back to the school by Friday 1st December 2017. No late applications will be considered. Applications can be submitted by email to blanco.maria.m@edumail.vic.gov.au or to the Keilor Downs College front office in an envelope marked: Attention-M. Blanco William Turner Scholarship.

William Turner Scholarship Application          William Turner Scholarship Letter – 2018

Enrolments for Soccer SchooL

An annual Year 7 intake of 25 places is available to motivated students.  Enrolment is via application and a skill assessment. Final enrolment is confirmed after a formal interview with the student and their parents.    KDC Soccer Application Form

Further Information

For further information the regarding curriculum, student programs and information of interest to parents, please contact the school.

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