Coronavirus Update

Dear KDC Community,
As you aware, everything is in a great state of flux at the moment. Student attendance is running at about 75%, so teachers are still running classes to our normal timetable. Some parents have chosen to keep their children home, which is an understandable personal choice. Some students are also staying at home as they have health concerns that make them more vulnerable.Teachers are trying to balance running normal classes, staying in touch with absent students and planning for a move to a possible online curriculum if school closures occur. Much of our current curriculum is already accessible online, through Compass, Edmodo, Edrolo, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. Even though you might not understand these – your students do! Students who are choosing to stay at home have normal access to this. Teachers will communicate through email or Edmodo where they can but cannot provide individualised tutoring to absent students when they are still operating a full class load. This situation will change again when we are less caught between several scenarios.
Things at school are still positive and calm and our staff and students have been remarkable. We still have no cases of coronavirus in our direct community.
It is likely that the ‘big picture’ will shift fairly soon and the situation will change but in the meantime, we are trying to balance things as best we can. We will adapt as well and as quickly as we can as the ‘new normal’ evolves. As always, we will communicate with you whenever any significant new information arises.
Stay well and look after each other.

Linda Maxwell