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College policies focus on developing personal responsibility and maintaining a caring, safe and secure environment. Student management policies ensure positive behaviours in both words and actions.

It is expected that all students adhere to a code of conduct that fosters respect and understanding for others and themselves.

As a result of the findings of the Royal Commission into child abuse, all schools have been directed to develop a Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct. These are a set of guidelines to ensure that all employees and volunteers involved in school activities protect the safety of our students. It also outlines our obligation to act on any allegations and ensures that everyone understands their obligation to report any concerning behaviours.

Our uniform policy also fosters a sense of identity and pride in the college.

A condition of enrolment at Keilor Downs College is adherence to the school rules and policies. These provide clear directions and expectations to ensure a positive learning environment for all.

To become more familiar with the school rules and policies, please review the documents listed:

Brimbank VET - Student Handbook 2021 (.pdf 5 MB)
Bullying Prevention
Canteen List Term 2, 2020
Child Safe Policy 2019 (.pdf 299 KB)
Child Safe Procedures 2019 (.pdf 373 KB)
Collection Statement - Secondary School
Compass Parent Handbook (.pdf 1 MB)
CSEF Application Form (.pdf 337 KB)
CSEF Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund - Parent Information Flyer (.pdf 571 KB)
Duty of Care (.pdf 126 KB)
Enrolment Enquiry Form (.pdf 20 KB)
Enrolment/Placement (.pdf 389 KB)
First Aid Policy (.pdf 45 KB)
Fundraising (.pdf 199 KB)
Health Care Needs (.pdf 37 KB)
Home Study (.pdf 267 KB)
ICT Acceptable Use Agreement (.pdf 240 KB)
Inclusion And Diversity (.pdf 187 KB)
KDC Uniform 2020
KDC Visitors (.pdf 53 KB)
Learning Tasks introduction for parents
Medication (.pdf 111 KB)
Multimedia Image Permission Form (.pdf 155 KB)
Parent Payment Policy (.pdf 703 KB)
Parent Payment Policy FAQ's (.pdf 245 KB)
Personal Property (.pdf 34 KB)
Photography & Recording (.pdf 55 KB)
Respect for School Staff (.pdf 103 KB)
Senior School Administrative Handbook 2020 (.pdf 267 KB)
Soccer School Application Form (.pdf 160 KB)
Statement of Values & School Philosophy (.pdf 78 KB)
Uniform Price List 2019
Volunteers (.pdf 138 KB)
Yard Duty & Supervision (.pdf 505 KB)
Year 10 Course Selection Handbook 2021 (.pdf 2 MB)
Year 11 & 12 Course Selection Handbook 2021 (.pdf 1 MB)
Year 7 Enrolment Enquiry - Non Government School 2020
Year 7 Placement 2021 (.pdf 631 KB)
Year 9 Course Selection Handbook 2021 (.pdf 214 KB)