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Due to the current COVID-19 situation the way that we are running our transition programs has had to change. Please review the documents and videos below for further information about the KDC community and further opportunities to find out more about our school.


Year 7 Enrolment from Government Primary Schools

If your child currently attends a Government Primary School, the enrolment process is managed by their Primary School during Grade 6. Applicants for Year 7 enrolment must complete a ‘Secondary School Selection’ form which is available from your Primary School. The completed form should be returned to your Primary School for processing.

Year 7 Enrolment from Private or Catholic Primary Schools

If your child currently attends a Private or Catholic Primary School you will need to complete our Year 7 External Enrolment Enquiry form or you can obtain the appropriate Enrolment Enquiry form directly from the College General Office. The form must be returned to Keilor Downs College by early May.