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SWISS (Step Up Week into Senior School) is preparing our Year 9 students for Senior school and beyond.

It builds on their engagement and study techniques, their coping strategies and mental wellbeing, their future pathways and connectivity to the school.

This week replaces regular classes with sessions that target a range vital skills and knowledge for young adults.

In previous years’ sessions have included such things as:

  • Getting work ready (preparing resumes, cover letters and speaking on the phone)
  • Guest Speaker (an incredible individual who speaks about the skills and motivation required to get through life)
  • House Challenges (home groups compete for points to win the week)
  • Splatter Art (a professional artist comes in to talk about dealing with emotions and students have created their own splatter art)
  • Job Panel (a group of motivated individuals who each speak of their ‘non-mainstream’ job and their journey to it)
  • Study skills: how to effectively study and organising study planners.

The end of the week is celebrated by a graduation where awards are handed out.

It is a phenomenal week for students to work on their personal selves as well as their interpersonal skills, celebrate finishing junior high school and be ready to take on the challenges of Senior School.