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The EAL Program at KDC offers specialised support to students who are newly arrived in Australia up to 7 years of their arrival in Australia.

The Program is highly supportive, offering EAL classes from 9 through 12, where EAL students are given specialised English support, in order to enhance their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and in order to prepare them for VCE across all subjects.

High needs students in year 7 through to 12 are given the opportunity to have an EAL Aide assist them in the classroom, and the program also runs an EAL Club, where EAL and International students can get together to socialise, engage in activities and receive study support for any of their subjects.

The EAL team of teachers, aides and coordinators are dedicated to meet the educational needs of all our EAL and International students. We strive to ensure that EAL students are a successful and integral part of the KDC teaching and learning community.