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Keilor Downs College provides a strong emphasis on Student Leadership across the college at all year levels. The college provides specific targeted programs and opportunities for student involvement and engagement in college life, ensuring strong student participation.

Year 12 Captains

  • Six Year 12 students are selected annually to represent the Year 12 cohort
  • The Captains are responsible for representing the Year 12 body
  • Captains run a series of initiatives throughout the year for their peer group.

Students Making a Difference (SMAD)

  • Consists students across all Houses and year levels
  • Students meet weekly to plan and evaluate fundraising initiatives and address areas of concern to students
  • SMAD annually organises Harmony Week celebrations, IDAHOT celebrations, OXJAM KDC Talent Quest and the Summer Music Festival 

Student Voice

  • KDC student voice is a group of 12 students elected to represent the views, perspectives and opinions of the student body
  • The aim is to provide opportunities for all KDC students to have their say and be involved in decision making processes
  • Student Voice are wanting to improve the connections between students and teachers and ensure that the student voice is acted on and taken seriously at Keilor Downs College

Year 10 Peer Support Leaders

  • Year 10 Peer Leaders undertake leadership training and are assigned to each new Year 7 Home Group, to support students’ transition to secondary school.
  • Students participate in:
    • training and skill development programs
    • individual and group support
    • junior camps and excursions, team building and activities coordination.

Sports Captains

The College has a number of Sport Captains from Years 8-12 representing all four houses.

Our Sport Captains meet regularly to plan events that promote active and healthy lifestyles for all members of our College. 

During semester one, Sport Captains are involved in:

  • Promoting and assisting with Swimming and Athletics carnivals
  • Promoting and assisting with the Fun Run
  • Organising Active April for all houses
  • Running activities for IDAHOBIT Day
  • Assisting with open night tours and displays

In semester two, Sport Captains focus on:

  • Fitness Club – After school for interested students/staff
  • Footy Colors Day – Fundraising for Fight Cancer Foundation
  • Pink Stumps Day – Fundraising for Jane McGrath Foundation
  • Collating house points for all physical activities/carnivals/competitions

Music Captains

The Music Captains are mentors for students in the Instrumental Music Program, selected because of their history of performance and contribution. The Music Captains play an active role in organising and presenting at school Music events, promoting the music program with the college and the greater community.

Year 9 Global Leaders Program

  • a select group of Year 9 students participate in the Global Leaders program over terms 2 – 3
  • Students develop skills in;
    • teamwork
    • working with the community
    • project management
    • problem solving
    • and resilience.
  • students develop a project proposal and implement a community project in partnership with a selected community organisation

Safe Schools Coalition

Keilor Downs College is a participating member of the Safe Schools Coalition, which aims to promote a safe environment for all students regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

The program raises awareness about anti-bullying, anti-racism and anti-homophobia.