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Our vision is to provide a learning community which creates a wide range of opportunities for student growth and development by:
• Building positive relationships of mutual respect based on fair learning and fair treatment within a safe and secure environment
• Embracing individuality, diversity and developing independent life-long learners
• Establishing a challenging and engaging learning environment which encourages the development of all students to their full potential
In our college we value:
• Positive relationships based on mutual respect, within an inclusive and supportive environment
• A stimulating learning environment which encourages all students to work towards their full potential
• A strong focus on student well-being and engagement, supported by a motivated staff who provide care, encouragement and positive role models
• A curriculum which enables and celebrates success, appreciates diversity, maximizes individual growth and incorporates essential life skills


Keilor Downs College key values are:

Inclusion – To embrace and celebrate diversity and ensure equal access and opportunities for all.

Resilience – To actively develop attitudes and skills to effectively meet and challenge and adapt to change.

– To value everyone in our community and ensure all our actions have a fair and positive impact on others. Use of sensible behaviour inside and outside the classroom.


Growth – To provide a learning environment that encourages effort and promotes improvement in all areas.


Connection – To maintain a caring and collaborative community that prioritises wellbeing.