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Our Principal Team

College Principal

Ms Linda Maxwell 

Assistant Principal 

Mr Gerard Fauvrelle 

Assistant Principal 

Mr Daniel McFerran 

Assistant Principal 

Mr Dale Ritchie 

Our House Teams

Blue House

  • House Leader: Mr Shrikan Reddy  
  • Year Level Coordinators: Ms Madhavie Amarasinghe, Mr Levi Lancaster & Ms Madelaine Patrick
  • House Attendance Officer (STA): Ms Nancy Faltas

Green House

  • House Leader: Mr David Fawcus
  • Year Level Coordinators: Ms Mary-France Navera, Ms Caitlin Turnley & Ms Skye Sahin  
  • House Attendance Officer (STA): Ms Johanna Chavarria

Red House

  • House Leader: Mr Nick Hooper
  • Year Level Coordinators: Ms Helen Kontos and Ms Gowrie Nair & Ms Andrea Santi
  • House Attendance Officer (STA): Ms Lynda Dench

Yellow House

  • House Leader: Mr Trent Cocks 
  • Year Level Coordinators: Ms Rachael Bojceski, Ms Kelsey Baker-Picciotto & Mr Michael Vona 
  • House Attendance Officer (STA): Ms Janel Fehmi 

Our Administration Team

  • Business Manager: Ms Susan Pascoe
  • Office Manager: Ms Lorelle Ellis
  • HR Officer: Ms Gina Hill 
  • Administration Officer: Ms Janet Leeder
  • Administration Officer: Ms Vicki Di Curzio
  • Administration Officer: Ms Carmina Pino

Our Wellbeing Team

  • Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator (Juniors: Y7 – Y9): Ms Ayla Arif
  • Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator (Seniors:10 – Y12): Ms Victoria Sobh
  • Psychologist: Mr Brett Bedson (Brett) and Mr Kyrollos Youssef (Ky)
  • Mental Health Practitioner : Chuong Le
  • School Doctor in School: TBC
  • Youth Worker: TBC
  • School Health Nurse (Tues): Kaitlyn Einam

Our International Team

  • ISP Coordinator: Ms Anh Tsibouriaris
  • ISP MEAs: Ms Miaolin Chang and Mr Thomas Bui
  • EAL MEAs: Mr Thomas 
  • Sister School Coordinator (Japan): Ms Erman Rofeil and Mr Hideki Kato

Our Facilities Team

  • Facilities Manager: Ms Amanda Lock
  • Maintenance Officer: Mr Paul Leeder
  • Grounds Assistant: Ryan Maxwell 

Our Careers & Pathways Team

  • LT Pathway & Transitions Careers / VET / Pathways Co-ordinator: Mr Bruce Knights
  • MIPS Officer: Ms Daniela Passalacqua
  • Work Placement Officer: Ms Lynda Dench
  • VET Administrator: Ms Nancy Faltas
  • VASS Officer: Ms Gina Hill / Ms Lynda Dench (VCE & VET)

Our Leading Teachers & other Positions of Responsibility Team

  • LT Teaching & Learning (Curriculum): Ms Lena Hudson
  • LT Teaching & Learning (VCE): Ms Sue Moloney 
  • LS Instructional Practice: TBA 
  • LS Differentiation: Ms Anna Halasa
  • LS Teaching & Learning – Mr Fabian Zito 
  • LS Teaching & Learning – Connie Stella 
  • LS Learning Technologies/ICT: Ms Mary-France Navera
  • LT Teacher Capacity & PD: Ms Elle Longmuir
  • LT Curriculum Implementation Timetabler: Ms Elpida Patoulidis
  • Assistant Curriculum Implementation (Timetable): Ms Chantal Lebnan 
  • Daily Organiser:  Ms Lucy Nin
  • LT Student Pathways & Transitions:  Mr Bruce Knights
  • LT House Leaders:  Mr  Shrikan Reddy, Mr David Fawcus, Mr Nick Hooper & Mr Trent Cocks
  • LT Student Engagement: Ms Monica Garcia-Ives
  • High Ability Practice Leader: Ms Poppy Katsoulakos
  • Applied Learning Coordinator VCAL:  Ms Anna Alessio
  • RAPPS / Social Health Curriculum Coordinator:  Ms Natalie McFall 
  • PSD Coordinator: Ms Sandra Favaloro
  • Speech Pathologist: TBC
  • SEAL Coordinator: Mr Nat Becher
  • EAL Coordinator: Ms Sofia Iqbal
  • Student Leadership Coordinator: Mr Daniel Portelli  
  • Extra-Curricular Coordinator: Ms Tanya Lane 
  • Transition Manager: Ms Lorelle Ellis
  • PreCal Coordinator: Ms Joanne Napoli
  • Literacy Development Coordinator: Ms Sarah Cleeland 
  • PE/Sports Coordinator : Mr Brendan Shelton
  • Soccer School Program Coordinator: Mr Josip Loncaric & Mr George Katiforis
  • Music Performance Coordinator: Mr Trent McKenzie
  • Instrumental Music Teacher Coordinator: Mr Ryan McRobb 
  • Pre-Service Teacher Coordinator: Mr Daniel Portelli
  • Staff Induction & Wellbeing Coordinator:  Mr Peter Havard
  • College Magazine: Ms Lynda Dench
  • End Of Year Program Coordinator: Mr Riki Dwyer 
  • ICT Technicians: Amber Embry, Vasko Angelevski & Brandon Steinlein
  • College Website/ Facebook: Janel Fehmi 
  • Instagram: Monica Garcia-Ives