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When parents of international students request that Department of Education and Training (DET) arrange accommodation, support and general welfare for their children, Keilor Downs College provides homestay to these students whilst they are enrolled at the College.

Our Homestay Program strictly complies with DET Quality Standards. All homestays are thoroughly selected through the College Homestay Recruitment Process. Homestay providers must hold valid Working with Children Checks, receive induction and annual trainings in the school’s Chid Safe practice.


As at January 2019, a weekly homestay fee is $300 for full board accommodation. The homestay experience is an excellent way for the student to learn about life in Australia. It is an opportunity for homestay family to learn more about other countries and share experiences.

Here is what our homestay students and homestay hosts share with us:

Homestay Student

“Staying with a homestay family have the same nationality with me is not as bad as I first thought. It actually makes me feel so happy. I can share the same Vietnamese culture with them so I don’t feel homesick too much. Vietnamese dishes are cooked so delicious as well as Australian dishes. The family has one daughter and I get on really well with her. We cook together, make cookies which are so great. I just feel so lucky and happy to stay with this family” Kha Anh (Lisa) NGUYEN



“Living in a school homestay is not as bad as I imagined. Honestly, I have to say I feel so lucky to be with this family. Although the parents are from China, most of the time they speak English which helps me a lot in my communication skills. Also I am able to explore Australian Culture beside Chinese-Australian culture. The foods are so great, I have both Asian and Aussie dishes and all of them taste so delicious and I always have second dishes. It is such a great opportunity to stay here and a special thank you to Mrs Angela.” Duong Thong (Justin) NGUYEN


Homestay Hosts

“To be a homestay host is a very rewarding experience, as it helps students from overseas to settle down in Australia and at the same time learn other cultures.” Rini.

“I’ve worked with KDC as part of their homestay program for the past 3 years, and it has been amazing seeing students from overseas coming over to Australia to study at such a young age.

I have personally taken care and helped 4 students begin their journey in a new country and environment. Having these students at my place livens up the atmosphere and brings forth a very friendly and exciting learning atmosphere where I am able to help guide them and in return I learn about their cultures. It’s been really enjoying to know about the different types of cuisine they have back at home, and learn to cook those dishes. I personally wouldn’t have those amazing experiences, if it were not for these brave students coming from oversea. Thanks!” Li Qing