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The purpose of the Year 9-11 Step-Up Program is to lay a solid foundation for students undertaking their Senior years program the following year. The program begins in Week 9 of Term 4 once the Year 10-12 exams have taken place.

This is not an optional program, but rather the official start of Year 10, 11 or 12.

The program consists of 2 double periods of class time whereby the course for each subject is taught by current teachers of those subjects.

This allocated time provides teachers with the opportunity to introduce students to the requirements of the VCAA Study Design prescribed for each subject and provide students with appropriate reading and introductory tasks that they can follow up independently during the school break.

Most importantly, students will be better placed to create a well-structured study regime over the summer break, with a greater understanding of the demands of each subject.

Giving students a head start towards their Senior Years subjects, means that there will be an increase in exam preparation and exam revision the following year, as well an increase in time devoted to SACs.

Meeting their classmates and gaining an insight into the expectations of each subject, reduces feelings of anxiety at the start of the school year and ensures a smooth start to their studies.