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Yiran (Yvonne) WANG

2017 College Dux, ATAR 98.95

Year 12 Community Engagement Commendation Award – Victorian Global Learning Awards 2018

“As an International student, I encountered enormous difficulties both in and outside the school especially during my VCE years. The KDC International Student Program was amazing in that it provided me with both linguistic and cultural support, as well as opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that supported my personal development”. Yiran (Yvonne) WANG


Thuy Ngan (Christina) VUONG

Year 11 Community Engagement Award – Victorian International School Student Awards 2016

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“Everyone has their humanity, but not all of them have a bravery to make a difference. International students study in Australia don’t live with families mostly, therefore, I’m always willing to encourage them to have positive thoughts on the brand-new life so as to achieve the best results for their future. Being a close friend, a sister or an adviser, I am really active to have a ready status to support my friends whenever they’re in need of help.” Thuy Ngan (Christina) VUONG








Phuoc (Conan) TRAN

Year 12 Community Engagement Commendation Award – Victorian International School Student Awards 2015


“My time at KDC has been totally satisfying. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the community and the absolute dedication of the staff. KDC provides all of their students with the best education and learning opportunities possible. I see myself very much like KDC:growing and striving for the best” Phuoc (Conan) TRAN









Year 11 Student Leadership Award – Victorian International School Student Awards 2014

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“Leadership is defined by a person’s ability to lead and to inspire others. In order to gain success in the leadership, we need to work cooperatively with our members as a team. You can be sure that there are many issues that can appear along the way. The issues that I defined as needing attention within the school were about student engagement and the issues outside the school were to help others in our local community.” Charles CHARLES





Huanxiang (Jack) ZHOU

Year 11 Global Citizenship Award – Victorian International School Student Awards 2014

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“Research and dissemination of multiculturalism affects all countries, including China and the two countries, including Australia, it encourages governments to take a more objective, pragmatic and responsible attitude on the issue of treatment of ethnic issues, ideology and foreign relations. I believe it’s important to encourage intercultural exchange between international and local students in school and with the broader community.” Huanxiang (Jack) ZHOU






ATAR 97.15 – Year 12 Academic Excellence Commendation Award – Victorian International School Student Awards 2014

“I have overcome many challenges by believing that there is nothing impossible. If I have guts to do it so the chance of success would increase, big or small, it is still better than nothing. Succeeding or not would not be too important. This still gives me an opportunity to look back what I have gone through, be proud of what I have achieved and put more effort to achieve what I haven’t.” An HO  







VCE honour roll 20I8: International students attained a study score of 40 or above in a 2018 VCE subject



Ha Minh Nhu (Julia) TRUONG
ATAR: 91.25
English as an Additional Language: 44





Gia Bao (Eric) NGUYEN
ATAR: 89.7
Further Mathematics: 40





Anh Thu (Pep) NGUYEN DO
ATAR: 87.65
English as an Additional Language: 40





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