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Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs)

The MIP’s program at KDC involves subject selections from Years 9 to 12 including post-secondary destinations of University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and work.

Our goal is to ensure training is attached to all post-secondary outcomes. The program also includes work experience at Year 10, Work Placement (for VCAL and some VET subjects) and provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Career Exploration is not included in the Victorian Curriculum but students are given career exploration tools at Year 9 and formally commit to a Career Action Plan (CAP’s) at Year 10. This document is reviewed each year and informs subject choice at KDC.

The Home Group teacher and House structure is critical to ensuring strategic and sensible subject choices are made and the College works closely with the student and family to ensure student success.

The basic equation we work with is based around student capacity.

What I am good at + What I am interested = What I might do next.

Early leavers are case managed by our MIPs Officer (Managed Individual Pathways).

Careers Newsletter

The newsletter includes up-to-date career and pathways news and information regarding scholarships, courses, specialised programs, university lectures and open days. To read please visit

Click on the link and select careers news under Library news.  The attachment will open a document with information about Tafe and University open days etc.   (You will need to be logged in to the school intranet – this will be the same login in to access your KDC Network.)