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Guiding Principles

  • To improve individual student’s work ethic and learning outcomes
  • To better prepare students for the demands of VCE and VCAL, in terms of meeting deadlines, submitting work, study skills, attendance and satisfactory completion of work
  • To provide a clear and consistent framework within which decisions regarding students’ future pathways are made.

Requirements for Promotion

In considering whether a student is to be promoted to the next year level, four areas will be taken into account: 1.  the number of units satisfactorily completed 2.  the student’s level of achievement in the assessment tasks 3.  the student’s attendance rate in each unit. 4.  the student’s current and proposed subject selection 

1. Unit Requirements

Year 9:

Students are required to successfully complete:

  • 11 out of 16 units (semester subjects) over the year
  • At least one unit of English/EAL

Years 10 & 11:

Students are required to satisfactorily complete:

  • 8 out of 12 units over the year
  • at least one unit of English/EAL

2. Satisfactory Achievement of Units

Year 9:

An average result of at least 50% in assessment tasks for each unit, as well as a satisfactory level of attendance.

Year 10:

An average result at least 50% in assessment tasks, including the exam, for each unit, as well as a satisfactory level of attendance.

Year 11:

VCE: A satisfactory completion (S) and a grade of at least 30% for all assessment tasks. 

VCAL: Must satisfy the minimum requirement policy for VCAL.

3. Attendance

Students are required to attend all of their classes, except where legitimate and serious reasons prevent such attendance.

To be considered for promotion, students are required to meet the College’s minimum attendance requirement of no more than 15 periods of absence per subject per semester (refer to KDC Attendance Policy).