Latest Update   Dear KDC Community, I hope you are all going OK. It is certainly a lot to adjust to at the moment. Obviously KDC is completely shut down for the holidays. You won’t hear much from us until nearer the start of Term 2. Staff have been working… Read More

Early start to holidays     Dear KDC Community, I am sure you will have heard that the Victorian Government has decided to start Term 1 holidays on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be to give us some time to get ready for moving to remote learning. We will not be running… Read More

Coronavirus Update Dear KDC Community, As you aware, everything is in a great state of flux at the moment. Student attendance is running at about 75%, so teachers are still running classes to our normal timetable. Some parents have chosen to keep their children home, which is an understandable personal… Read More

Corona virus update   Dear KDC Community, There is lots of media attention about the likely impact of corona virus on schools. The Department of Education & Training (DET) are issuing regular updates but no major decisions have yet been made. If we have a diagnosed case of the virus… Read More